We make sure that there is no more chances for ... failure

Delivering successful software means achieving top quality in every area. With usability testing, function, and performance testing services from Neesoft,
you won't need to make the difficult choice of sacrificing one for the other.

Because we know that your Web site's usability, functionality, and performance will be a direct reflection of your company's services and overall image, we will provide you with an industry-leading team of software quality experts to implement a complete range of tests, either at your facility or in our state-of-the-art test lab. Your company's investment in software is only as valuable as the people who will use it.

With Our testing services as an integral member of your development team, you'll ensure customer satisfaction by addressing software issues before your site launches.

Our services includes

Developing test plans
Verifying software requirements
Analyzing application integration, regression, and performance
Load and stress testing using Microsoft application test tools and Rational Performance Studio, Team Test and Robot test tools
Performing internationalized software testing
Providing advice on the latest testing tools

Application Development
e-Com Solution
Software Testing
web Server maintenance
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