Neesoft is committed to creating and shaping leaders who will help our customers make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to their business.

We actively enable and nurture the development of leaders by helping exceptional people build deep knowledge and skills. These skills can then be applied to a wide range of challenges and opportunities. Neesoft offering the opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference, working in a lifelong community of distinction that is shaped by shared values.

Neesoft is distinctive not only in the work we do and the customers we serve, but also in the people we attract. Our people have a passion to succeed and demonstrate perseverance for finding solutions to complex problems that are far-reaching, impactful and unique.

We create opportunities for you to grow as fast as you can. The single most important source of professional development is the growth and learning that occurs on the job. Day after day, Neesoft fosters your personal and professional development.

Our extensive in-house training program not only ensures that all our people are ready to perform, but gives us the ability to rapidly develop deep expertise to proactively plan ahead for tomorrow's needs. Our training covers business, technical, management and behavioral skills.

Our core pool of talent is drawn from the best universities , and provides the experience, the leadership, the talent, and the communication / management skills needed to get our customers' vision realized.

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