Does your company need a new sales channel ? Are your sales and marketing expenses too high and need to be cut? If this is the case, an e-commerce solution is what your business may need right now.

If you have an e-commerce application in place already, but it doesn’t fit your business needs well, we can still help. If updating your product catalogue is more complicated than you wish it to be, or you need to support hundreds of HTML pages and several databases, or product item search is slow, or you receive customer complaints that your software system is too slow, then we would be glad to help you overcome these obstacles.

Neesoft successfully develops and deploys scalable custom e-commerce solutions From a simple online catalog t o a dynamic e-shop.

Your future software will support the integration and optimization of electronic sales and procurement processes across your own business and beyond it to maximize e-commerce revenue by creating a network of employees, suppliers, partners and customers collaborating in real time.

The e-business technologies we use at Neesoft allow online shoppers, i.e. your final customers, to easily locate a product item in a lengthy product catalogue, and order the desired product online in a couple of clicks.

E-commerce solutions designed by Axmor Software attract repeat shoppers who regularly order the same product. After a user has registered, all billing, shipping and order history information will be stored in the system, thereby facilitating the purchasing process in the future.

Our solutions give your clients the opportunity to have an order delivered within one business day. It is so convenient that going to the local supply store is more difficult than ordering online from your company would be!


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